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Congrès international d’Ethnobotanique, Còrdoba : la riqueza de un legado

Congrès international d’Ethnobotanique, Còrdoba, Espagne, du 17 au 21 novembre 2014

The first objective of the ICEB 2014 should be to summarize the experience of previous ICEBs, which have served to stimulate the interaction and mutual knowledge among ethnobotanists and related science experts all around the world. It should also update keywords such as: biological and cultural diversity to face global change; traditional knowledge as world heritage or legacy; international framework of transfer of species and popular knowledge among cultures and continents; recovery of knowledge and plant germplasm through historical documents; role of neglected and underutilized crops; role of cultural landscapes and agroforestry systems in the conservation of the ethnobotanical heritage; plants used as food and medicine; plants, their names and uses as identity generators, etc. But among all of them, 2014 will provide two singular opportunities and messages:

– Family farming, urban and suburban vegetable gardens, and agrobiodiversity exchange through farmers networks. The UN has declared 2014 as the International Year of Family Farming.

– Cooking and traditional food habits as a source of knowledge for agricultural innovation and tool in the fight against hunger and health deficit in the world. Córdoba (Spain) will be Iberoamerican Capital of Gastronomic Culture 2014

Toutes les informations sur le site du Congrès.


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