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¿Por qué se invierte en plantaciones de Jatropha? Respuestas desde Costa Rica

 Rapport (en espagnol) de Abigaïl Fallot et David Palacios Palacios, CIRAD Montpellier, 18/03/2013, 19 p.

In a global context of incomplete information and controversies about the development of Jatropha curcas plantations for biofuel production, we analyze the case of Costa Rica where diverse actors have gotten involved in the promotion and the plantation of Jatropha, and abandoned it quite soon afterwards, without significant production. Trying to explain the renewed interest for Jatropha in spite of the observed disillusions, we identified a specific role for the plant in different strategies. We analyze that for reasons of competition between actors of research on Jatropha, there is little interest in systemizing and sharing knowledge about the plant and its potential for the production of energy. We conclude about the possible evolutions of the Jatropha situation according to alternatives for the different key actors of the plant development.

Rapport intégralement accessible en version PDF (762 Kb) sur HAL-SHS.


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