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The working of herbs, part 3: herb qualities and indications

Article en anglais de Anne Stobart paru dans le carnet The Recipes Project. Food, Magic, Science, and Medicine, le 10.11.2013

« In my previous posts on the Working of Herbs (Part 1 and Part 2) I flagged up some problems in finding out how medicinal herbs might really work, or finding reliable sources on herbal ‘efficacy’. I set out to try to establish a protocol, or way of thinking about this issue by picking a specific medicinal recipe. My choice was a seventeenth-century recipe for ‘after throws’ (likely for pains after childbirth). The recipe contains hyssop, wild mint, groundsel, pennyroyal and balm. In this post I aim to get an overview of how these herbs might have been viewed at the time that the recipe was being copied, in the latter half of the seventeenth century »…

Lire l’intégralité de l’article ici.


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