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L’architecte, l’habitant, le végétal et la densité

Communication (en français) de Olivier Balaÿ paru dans « Ambiances in action / Ambiances en acte(s) – International Congress on Ambiances », Montreal 2012, Montreal

The plant has a place in the thinking of the future of our urbanity because the densification of the current city will generate a greater proximity between housing and urban dwellers, some sensible proxémie. The role of plants in the sense of satisfaction in the neighborhood deserves has to be better known today for better tomorrow anticipation, especially on the side of the designer of the space that will have to densify the city thinking moods and sustainable construction. Hence this question: can we establish, for the architect, a scientific knowledge about the spatial distances, the atmosphere, the neighborhood and the plant ?

Article intégralement accessible en version PDF (165,5 kb) sur HAL-SHS.


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