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La Rose Bengalesi de Silvia Stucky

Viaggio in Italia / Italienische Reise 2010-2012Werkschauhalle, Spinnerei

Spinnereistraße 7, 04179 Leipzig, exposition les 15 et 16 septembre 2012

Tina Bara / Alba D’Urbano, Jacopo Benci, Emerson Culurgioni, Katrina Blach, Gottfried Binder, Libia Castro & Ólafur Ólafsson, Johanna Diehl, Charlotte Eifler, Sarah Feulner / Lena-Rosa Händle, Valerio Figuccio / Michael Petri, Nina Fischer / Maroan el Sani, Ya-Wen Fu, Heike Gallmeier, Eiko Grimberg, Matthias Hoch, Franziska Jyrch, Susanne Keichel, Franziska Klose, Julia Krause, Kathrin Kunert, Verena Landau, Franziska Meinert, Berit Mücke, Nadine Neuhäuser, Marcel Noack, NUOVA, Jana Nowack, Ginevra Panzetti / Enrico Ticconi, Raphael Sbrzesny, Jana Schulz, Maya Schweizer, Maria Sewcz, Tim Sharp, Jakub Simcik, Schlatter / Sing, Heidi Specker, Silvia Stucky, Yukiko Terada, Dagmar Varady, Carolin Weinert

The exhibition project was inspired by the idea of the ‘Grand Tour’ which was given a contemporary actualisation within the field of tension between romantic nostalgia and today’s reality of post-industrial structural change. The area including the cities of Rome and Tivoli is especially interesting because of its overlapping layers that allow a period of time from antiquity to today to remain visible.
The works examine phenomena which arise from the transformations in working conditions and political structures, as manifested in the urban and architectural environment, as well as representational forms of tourism in relation to the projections of the tradition-laden educational journey.

Extrait temporairement visible de la vidéo de Silvia Stucky :


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