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Contribution à la connaissance ethnobotanique des ptéridophytes dans les Pyrénées

Article (en français) de M. À. Barret, A. Agelet, Vallès &  L. Villar paru dans la revue Bocconea, n°13, p. 605-612, 2001.

The first approach to the catalogue of the uses of pteridophytes in the Pyrenees and some close mountains, done by the ethnobotanical interview method applied to some 400 informants is presented here. The inventory consists of 12 taxa, meaning about 20% of the pyrenean pteridoflora. The different uses are reported classified by types (medicinal, for food, ornamental, folkloric, in the home rural and for rural building). Concerning the medicinal properties, the comparison with the literature allowed us to find some non previously documented uses and so some taxa which could be object of phytochemical and pharmacological researches addressed to obtain new drugs of plant origin.

Accessible intégralement en version PDF sur le site de l’association qui édite de la revue.


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